Burkhart Bromm

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  1. Membrane Physiology

    • Bromm B and Frankenhaeuser B (9)

      Numerical calculation of the response in the myelinated nerve to short symmetrical double pulses. Pflügers Arch. 229, 357-363 (1968)

    • Bromm B (16)

      Sodium inward rectification and repetitive activity in the nodal membrane. (Natrium-Gleichrichtung und repetitive Aktivität der Schnürringmembran). Habilitationsschrift für Physiologie an der Medizinische Fakultät Kiel (1969)

    • Bromm B and Frankenhaeuser B (22)

      Repetitive discharge of the excitable membrane computed on the basis of voltage clamp data for the node of Ranvier. Pflügers Arch. 332, 21-27 (1972)

    • Bromm B, Schwarz JR, Ochs G (75)

      A quantitative analysis of combined potential and current clamp experiments on the single myelinated nerve fibre of Rana esculenta J. Theoret. Neurobiol. 1, 120 133 (1981)

  2. Receptor Physiology

    • Bromm B, Hensel H, Tagmat A (36)

      The electrosensibility of the isolated ampulla of Lorenzini in the dogfish. J. Comp. Physiol. 111, 127 136 (1976)

    • Bromm B and Tagmat A (46)

      Regression analysis of non stationary discharges in neurons; adaptation in the electrosensory afferent of dogfish. Biol. Cybernetics 28, 41 49 (1977)

    • Akoev GN, Andianov RG, Szabo T, Bromm, B (255/256)

      Neuropharmacological analysis of synaptic transmission in the Lorenzinian ampulla of the skate Raja clavata. J Comp Physiol A 168, 639-646, 647 - 652 (1991)

  3. Nociception

    • Bromm B, Scharein E (82)

      Response plasticity of pain evoked reactions in man. Physiol. Behavior 28, 109 116 (1982)

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      Tonic pain inhibits phasic pain: Evoked cerebral potential correlates in man. Psychiatry Research 14, 343 351 (1985)

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    • Detsch O, Kochs E, Siemers M, Bromm B, Vahle-Hinz C (517)

      Increased responsiveness of cortical neurons in contrast to thalamic neurons during isoflurane-induced EEG bursts in rats. Neurosci. Letters 317, 9-12 (2002).

  4. Brain Imaging of Pain Processing

    • Bromm B and Scharein E (81)

      Principal component analysis of pain related cerebral potentials to mechanical and electrical stimulation in man. Electroenceph. clin. Neurophysiol. 53, 94 103 (1982)

    • Bromm B (109)

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    • Bromm B (148)

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      Pre-stimulus/post-stimulus relations in EEG spectra and their modulations by an opioid and an antidepressant. Electroenceph clin Neurophysiol 73, 188 197 (1989)

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    • Bromm B (339)

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    • Büchel C, Bornhovd K, Quante M, Glauche V, Bromm B, Weiller C (511)

      Dissociable neural responses related to pain intensity, stimulus intensity, and stimulus awareness within the anterior cingulate cortex: a parametric single-trial functional magnetic resonance imaging study. J. Neurosci 22, 970-976 (2002)

    • Bingel U, Quante M, Knab R, Bromm B, Weiller C, Büchel C (523)

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    • Bromm B (528)

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  5. Books, Chapters, and Invited Reviews

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  6. Moovies and TV

    • Bromm, B. (50)

      Zur Psychophysiologie des Schmerzes. Fernsehfilm ZDF, Gesundheitsmagazin, 10.7. (1978)

    • Bromm B Scharein E, Treede RD (172a)

      Schmerzforschung am Physiologischen Institut in Hamburg VHS 1986

    • Bromm B et al (380a)

      Pain Measurement in Man. (EEG and MEG Brain Mapping with Analgesics) 28 min VHS 1994

    • Bromm B et al (469)

      Warum chronifiziert Schmerz? ZDF - Gesundheitsmagazin: TV-Interview mit Dr. Gerhard in Mainz, dazu Erstellung einer Life-Übertragung eines laufenden Experimentes von Hamburg nach Mainz. Freitag, 14.00-14.30 Uhr, 28.1. (2000)